About Heisei ASAKUSA Washi

This is our original washi, made with the traditional method by craftsmen in Tokyo, using fortune paper strips that finished their “role” in shrines and temples in Tokyo, materials, and water, all of which are also from Tokyo.

About 350 years ago, there was a recycling project to reproduce the used washi headed by Asakusa, Tokyo. The reproduced washi was called “Asakusagami” and it used to be one of the biggest industries at the time.

Unfortunately, however, “Asakusagami” came to an end about 80 years ago.
We revived it with modern craftsman’s skills and feelings.
This is “Heisei ASAKUSA Washi”.
Our new washi matches the life of the 21st century with new ideas and “modern Japanese” designs, while inheriting the history since the Edo period, the Japanese original philosophy of “mottainai”, and traditions.